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Our Aims & Objectives are....

  • To provide for the child’s social, cultural, educational and psychological needs.

  • To encourage a high level of childcare.
  • To operate within the context of the equal opportunities policy.
  • To provide a safe and caring environment.
  • To help develop abilities to relate to other children and adults.
  • To develop a sense of self worth and confidence.

  • To help children be aware of other life forms e.g. plants and Animals.
  • To help the child reach his/her full potential.

The Nursery provides pre school care for babies from the age of 3 months to five year olds and is committed to the development of children’s social, cultural, educational and psychological needs.

Employing PLA registered staff' the nursery aims to provide a safe and caring environment and to help children to develop a sense of self worth, confidence and to help them relate to other children and adults.

We aim to create a caring, accepting and supportive environment, in which your child will feel secure, be able to thrive and develop to his/her full potential.

Play is the major vehicle by which children gain learning experience and therefore a wide range of carefully planned, challenging, stimulating and exciting activities will be made available providing for continuity and progression of learning.

Particular emphasis will be put on the following areas: -


Encourage the development of skills in recognising and solving problems, the ability to sort things into various relationships and patterns, leading to development, pre-number measure and logic skills.

Linguistic and Literary

To encourage the beginnings of symbolic representation, listening, talking, pre reading and writing skills.

Aesthetic and creative

To stimulate imaginative play, movement to music, creative expression and appreciation.


Encouraging and developing an awareness of the environment and living things and an understanding of forces, movement and energy.

Moral and Social

To encourage development in social skills, interaction with peers and others that value and respect all. Encouraging the appreciation of right and wrong, fairness and justice.